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Strongbox - The Box

Outdoor sports requires a well thought-out plan. That is why a team of experts is working on the ideal training with a focus on responsible workouts. The StrongBox workout consists of a circuit of functional exercises, where participants move to a new activity every 45 seconds. In total, a training session lasts about 1 hour. One hour of giving it your all!

Are you a beginner or a seasoned athlete, everyone can exercise at StrongBox. The workouts are divided into different levels. Talk to your local coach and get personalised training tailored to your needs and capabilities. Different level groups can do sports together. But it is still advisable to choose a workout at your level.


Personal Training

Would you like to be coached more intensively? In that case, you could go for a one-on-one personal training session with our trained coach. After a thorough analysis, we will come up with a tailor-made plan. The coach will guide you closely to achieve your goals.

Do you just want to improve your technique? No problem. Our coach can also assist you with this. There is no obligation to book a minimum number of sessions.

After the personal training sessions, you can easily move on to the workouts. This way you can maintain what you have built up during the personal training sessions.

4 simple steps to join the story

Would you like to be part of the StrongBox team? Do you fancy being a coach at one of our sites? Great! We would be happy to hear from you.

Firts step

Because we exercise outdoors, the location is extremely important. Therefore, together we will look for the right place to set up our Box. A sports club, your company, sporting facilities... Lots of options..


Second Step

When we have found the perfect location, you obviously need a coach there. We are looking for the best coaches in the whole of Belgium. Or even the whole of Europe. And if you’ll allow us to think even bigger, the whole world. A permanent coach is appointed for each Box. Easy, right? In addition, every coach receives extensive training from StrongBox. To make sure they are ready to provide everyone with a well-developed training session and the appropriate personal assistance.

Third step

In consultation with all parties, the perfect accommodation is designed and the box can go into production. Did you know that every box is specially developed to suit the location?

Fourth step

Because we want our athletes to be satisfied with our accommodation, we will first thoroughly test the Box. After the test phase, the branch can start with the first workouts!

Open your own Strongbox

Are you interested in opening your own StrongBox? Leave your details below to get in touch.