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Strongbox Corda Campus

Welcome to StrongBox Corda Campus

Our StrongBox centre is located at a central location on The Corda Campus! Since this is an excellent place to work and meet in Hasselt, our StrongBox just had to be present at this location.


Discover our community full of passionate athletes. Feel good in your skin and enjoy your training. Because that is what sports is all about, right? Pure enjoyment!

Strongbox is the ideal location for outdoor sports. A well-trained coach is present to guide you through the workouts. A friendly group atmosphere that ensures everyone gets the best out of themselves. In short, everything at hand for a great training session.

What could be healthier for your body than exercising in the fresh open air?

Do you want to discover the advantages of outdoor sports, work on your condition and/or strength level? Would you rather (re)discover sports or exercise and have fun with your training? A StrongBox training might be just the thing for you!

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Offer and Pricing

 An hour of outdoor sports, a chat in the outdoor bar after that, then going home and enjoying a well-deserved shower. An amazing feeling!

You can use credits to participate in all StrongBox workouts and personal training sessions. 1 workout = 1 credit

50 credits: €10.50/credit

20 credits: €11.00/credit

10 credits: €11.50/credit

1 credit: €12.50/credit

PT: €65/training


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The next step to integrate outdoor sports into your life is to download the MyClubApp app. With our app you can easily book a workout, check your workouts, purchase credits and communicate with all StrongBox members. Practical, isn’t it!

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Courtyard between Corda A en B
Kempische steenweg 303
3500 Hasselt

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