Tour & Taxis Brussel

Opening 14/06/2021


Welcome to StrongBox Tour & Taxis

Our StrongBox centre is located at a central location on the Tour & Taxis site! Since this is an excellent place to live, work and meet in Brussels, our StrongBox just had to be present at this location.

The opening of Strongbox in Tour en Taxis is planed for 01/07/2021

Coach Tour en Taxis

StrongBox is op zoek naar coaches die deel willen uitmaken van ons StrongBox Team Tour & Taxis.

Ben jij de gedreven coach die wij zoeken? Bezorg ons dan zeker je Cv en motivatie via!


An hour of outdoor sports, a chat in the Gare Maritime after that, then going home and enjoying a well-deserved shower. An amazing feeling!

Exercise at everyone’s personal level, that is exactly what we want to offer at StrongBox! Both beginners and seasoned athletes can get rid of excess energy in the workouts.

Thanks to the wide range of classes we offer, everyone is welcome.

Locatie Tour & Taxis

Tour & Taxis
Havenlaan / Av. du Port 86c 
1000 Brussels

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