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Healthy employees

Need more movement in your organization?

Let us assist with your well-being. Our programs are specially designed to meet the needs of businesses. Whether you're just starting to integrate well-being into the workplace or seeking a comprehensive vitality plan, we offer tailored solutions perfectly aligned with your organization

Tailored well-being solutions for your organization!

We offer a wide range of activities to keep your team energized and motivated. From individual activities to a fully developed vitality plan.

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Corporate Gym

We understand very well what it means to motivate employees to exercise. Therefore, we strive to create an ideal environment that encourages them, focusing on physical, mental, and social health. Together, we create ideal sports infrastructure that aligns with the values and desires of your organization

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Vitality Scan

Let our coaches assess and guide your employees, and gain valuable insights into their health profile.
Measurement is key: our checks provide a good starting point to build on further.

  • Physical test
  • Mental scan

Need a sports or health coach? From running coach to personal trainer, we have the right coaches available to guide your employees, individually or in groups

Group sessions

Bring energy and well-being to your workplace with our group movement sessions. These interactive sessions, ranging from running and boot camp to yoga, focus on both physical and mental well-being, perfect for any company that prioritizes health and team spirit.

Let's get your team moving.

Workshops & Keynotes

We offer a comprehensive range of keynotes and workshops, each highlighting a specific aspect of well-being. These sessions provide in-depth insights and inspiration to take further steps within corporate well-being.

Get carried away by engaging stories and profound analyses that positively influence not only your physical health but also your mental well-being

Well-being programs

Curious about how to approach well-being and movement in the workplace in a structured manner? Begin with one of our programs or collaborate with us to tailor your well-being journey.

Discover how you can take steps within workplace well-being.

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