More space for sport with less effort.




Welcome to StrongBox!

We transporm spaces into an active, vibrant training location.

Easy to install, use and manage sports concepts for a happier and healthier life! Who wouldn't want a fully featured StrongBox setup at their location! Together with the StrongBox team, we build a tailor-made sports accommodation, from concept to realisation.

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Easy to install.

We provide the fitness equipment and offer a fully integrated solution. The Boxes are "plug and play" and can be placed at almost any location.

Even after the start-up, we offer all the support and unburdening you need. We take care of the well-being of your StrongBox!

StrongBox Academy

Easy to use.

Automatic access, ready-made training plans and support. We do everything we can to make everything as easy as possible. Giving your members automatic access, no problem!

Add coaches to your sports facility at any time. We have a large network of sports professionals who receive the right training  in our own Strongbox Academy.

StrongBox Connect

Easy to manage.

Strongboxing becomes very easy with the Strongbox Connect app. Manage your strongbox, provide easy access and follow up for your members. Members can easily participate in the group lessons, communicate with each other and are easily informed about new developments.

With the StrongBox connect app, members always have a trainer at hand. Discover our community full of enthusiastic athletes. Feel good about yourself and enjoy your training. Because that's what sports is for, right? To enjoy!

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