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More Space for sport, with less effort!

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More sports, no worries!

We understand the importance of motivating people to exercise. That's why we strive to create an ideal environment that encourages them, focusing on physical, mental, and social well-being. Together, we'll design sports infrastructure that aligns with the values and needs of your organization.

Corporate Gym

Indoor fitness

We tailor the perfect fitness or sports space specifically for your company or corporate complex. Our designs blend functionality with aesthetics and are entirely customized to meet your specific goals, ensuring optimal usability.

Outdoor fitness

Outdoor fitness

Outdoor fitness is rapidly gaining popularity within companies. With our outdoor fitness boxes, we effortlessly set up the perfect training location for your business.

We think outside the box, both literally and figuratively, to provide your company with the best facilities."

How do we proceed?

With our solutions, we make it easier than ever to promote a healthy and active lifestyle in the workplace."

Choose the right location.

  • What space do you have available?

  • A customized container?

  • One large area, or several spaces spread throughout the site

  • Indoor or outdoor training space?

Our advisor determines the best solution together with you.

Corda campus

Choose the right themes.

Which themes are important for your organization and how do we integrate them into your location?

  • High intensity
  • Low intensity
  • Social
  • Cycling
  • Performance
  • ...
High intensity

Personal Branding.

Every space we create is tailored specifically to the company. We design the spaces in your unique corporate identity, incorporating your logo, theme, and colors.

Fitness container

Management of your space.

How will you manage your space?

  • Automatic access or access only under the guidance of a Coach?
  • Reservations with an app?
  • Virtual classes?

We ensure that your training space is easy to manage!

Strongbox App

Health services.

The ideal training space is realized. What additional services do you want to offer to truly get everyone moving?

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