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StrongBox focuses on your workouts. We want you to enjoy the challenging workouts, the great post-workout feeling and the happy moment when the results are getting better. Muscle pain, if any, is included free of charge. No time wasted figuring out complicated subscriptions. No! We like to keep it simple.

Creating great training sessions, checking the correct performance and pushing your limits - that is what our qualified coaches do. They are happy to take you to the next level. What is your task? Come to the training with lots of enthusiasm and giving it your all.

Eager to start? Follow a few simple steps below so you can get started right away.

In a few easy steps you will be ready to go!

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Personal training or group training?

Do you prefer a one-on-one training with the coach or do you prefer the workouts in group? If you have not decided yet, please contact us and together we will check out the best solution for you!


Take credits

You are about to get started. Great.

Create your StrongBox account via our website. Fill in the required details and choose the number of credits you want to buy. You can use the credits to participate in all StrongBox workouts and personal training sessions. The credits are valid for 5 years.

50 credits: €10.50/credit

20 credits: €11.00/credit

10 credits: €11.50/credit

1 credit: €12.50/credit

PT: €65/training


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Download the App

The next step to integrate outdoor sports into your life is to download the MyClubApp app. With our app you can easily book a workout, check your workouts, purchase credits and communicate with all StrongBox members. Practical, isn’t it!

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Choose your training

Has your account been created? Great! You are ready to start. With your credits you can participate in all StrongBox workouts and personal training sessions.

Book your training in advance via the app. After checking in at the Box, the necessary credits will be deducted from your account. A StrongBox workout is valid for one credit. Do you need more one-on-one guidance? Schedule your session in consultation with the coach! How much sessions you want to do is entirely up to you.

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